Our History

 T2 Business Services core group was assembled in 2000 to recover a bankrupt building products company.  The group worked under simple guidelines in their respective areas and quickly turned that business into a huge success.  

Through three PE transactions, the company went from collapse into high teen earnings, and grew to over a quarter billion in annual revenue. 

The core group stayed with the company until it was purchased by a strategic buyer.  The members then went on to different PE held companies or into working directly for PE doing turn-around and growth oriented work.

In 2013, several of the core group decided our efforts were best spent helping others do the things we do, leveraging our experience as a force multiplier for incumbents of high-change organizations.  Our philosophy is the result of many years of successful practice.  

The goal of a company is to make money.  We teach incumbents how to develop plans around the goal of making money.