Our Philosophy


Title 2 Business Services exists to create value for its clients, associates and members.  We achieve this by helping our clients foster a culture of value creation through problem solving and enhancing their businesses through holistic process.  We believe businesses do this by meeting the responsibilities of management:

  • Provide employees the tools and materials to do their jobs.
  • Provide systems that communicate expectations.
  • Provide systems that give continuous feedback about meeting those expectations.

We believe that value is created when businesses commit their resources only to activities that increase throughput, decrease operating expenses or meet necessary conditions.

We believe all processes in a business must:

  • Address the responsibilities of management
  • Be designed to optimize the business, not the function
  • Allow for concrete performance metrics that drive activity
  • Clearly define functions and their interactions with other functions
  • Prompt leadership to lead, not be captured in the “run.”  

We believe the best run businesses hold themselves accountable by separating plan creation from plan execution. 

Value creation happens when a business is optimized to generate the highest level of throughput for its level of capacity.  Once capacity is clearly defined, a business is at its greatest value when managed to that capacity.